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Who is Waverley Christian College?

Waverley Christian College is an independent Christian College providing a dynamic learning environment where children are inspired to develop their God-given abilities in an atmosphere of genuine love, care and support.


Is Waverley Christian College zoned?

No. You do not have to live within a particular area to attend the College.


What is the procedure for enrolling my child?

All information for applying to the College is located under the ENROLMENT tab on the website.


Do you charge any Application or Enrolment Fees?

Yes, there is an Application Fee (non-refundable) of $100 per student, payable at the time of application. 

There is also an Enrolment Fee (non-refundable of $300 per student, payable at time of offer. 

An Enrolment Bond of $700 per family, payable at time of initial offer. The bond will be credited to the last fee instalment in the first year of enrolment.  This bond will be forfeited if withdrawal occurs before the end of Term 4  in the first year of enrolment or any time prior. 


What are the school fees?

Please refer to our Fee Schedule available under the ENROLMENT tab/Australian Students or Overseas Students on the website.


We are not Christians. Can we still apply?

Applications to the College are open to Christian families where at least one parent is a practising Christian, and is regularly (weekly or fortnightly) attending, in-person, a Christian church along with the student. Please refer to our Admissions Policy under the ENROLMENT tab.


Do you offer education to overseas students?

Yes. Refer to the ENROLMENT tab/Overseas Students on our website. Please note we do not offer homestay (students must live with a parent or blood relative for the duration of their studies).


Do you have waiting lists?

For some year levels, yes, we have waiting lists. Early applications are encouraged, as places are offered in the order of when applications are received. Particular Year Levels that are closed to applications are published on the website. Please refer to our Admissions Policy for the outline of priorities on the waiting list. 


Do you have an Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten?

Yes. We currently offer a 4-year old Kindergarten program at the Wantirna South campus only. This Kinder program has part-time hours, with set drop-off and pick-up times, for two individual Kinder Group classes. Please refer to PROGRAMS/Kindergarten on our website.


What are your maximum class sizes?

In Prep we have 25 students in a class, Year 1 has 26 students per class and from Year 2 to Year 10, there is a maximum of 28 in a class. Most Secondary electives and VCE subjects have much smaller class sizes.


How many classes in each year level? Do you have any composite classes?

At the Wantirna South campus, we have 2 Kindergarten classes of 30 children each; in Primary, 3 classes at each year level, and for Secondary, 4 classes from Year 7 to Year 10 and 5 classes at Years 11 and 12.
At the Narre Warren South campus, we are building to 3 classes at each year level in Primary, with the option of increasing to 4 classes in the future. In Secondary, we have introduced a fourth stream at Year 7 and are triple streamed from Year 8 to Year 12.
We do not have any composite classes.


Do you have Before and After School Care?

Yes, both campuses offer Before and After School Care for Primary and Kindergarten students only, by an external provider, 3CKidz Care.


Are children taught another language other than English (LOTE)?

Chinese and French are both taught to all students at Year 3 and Year 4. Students have the option to learn either French or Chinese in Years 5 and 6. Secondary students in Year 7 select one of these LOTE subjects to study for two years. From Year 9, these languages can be chosen as an elective, and both Chinese and French are offered as VCE subjects.


Does your school teach music?

Music is part of the curriculum for all Primary classes and for Year 7. From Year 8, music can be selected as an elective, and we offer Music as a VCE subject.
Ensembles are available for various choral and instrument groups at both Primary and Secondary level.
Private Music Lessons are also available at an additional cost.


Do you have year level curriculum guides? What subjects are offered for VCE?

Please refer to our Curriculum Guides under the PROGRAMS tab/Primary or Secondary on the website.


What certificates do you offer for Secondary?

The VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and both Intermediate and Senior levels in the VCE-VM (Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major) are all offered at the College. VET (Vocational Education and Training) subjects (required for VCE-VM and optional for VCE) can be studied through a range of modes including at the College and at various TAFE institutes.


Do you have any support teachers?

Yes, our support teachers work as part of our Learning Enrichment and Program Support (LEAPS) Department. The LEAPS team collaborates with parents, teachers and other specialists to enrich the learning experience of students to maximise their potential and educational outcomes. Students receive support in literacy, numeracy, and other subject-based areas in the classroom, individually, or in small groups. LEAPS also assists in the development of social, organisational, study and homework skills, and provides extension through extra-curricular classes, activities and programs.


Does your school offer any extracurricular activities?

Yes, there are various clubs and groups that run during lunchtimes, and before and after school, such as choirs, music bands and ensembles, chess, athletic development and sports training, art and science clubs, engineering and electronics, debating, Human Powered Vehicle club, and more. Please see the Extra Curricular Activities link in our Curriculum Guides.


How much religion/Christian studies is taught within the curriculum?

Christian/Bible Studies is taught both as a Key Learning Area and as an integral component of all school activities. All students participate in Chapel each week, which offers an opportunity for worship, and to hear a relevant and encouraging Christian message.


Do you have a 1:1 device program?

For most year levels, yes. Prep to Year 2 have class sets of iPads. From Year 3, all students have a 1:1 iPad which complements their learning during the school day. The iPad is not taken home, but remains at school. All Secondary students have a College specified 1:1 device, purchased by parents, which is taken home daily.


If you have any further questions, please call our Registrars:

Narre Warren South campus – Mrs Elizabeth Arcangel 8765 7725
Wantirna South campus – Mrs Amanda Purdie 9871 8604