2019 College Captains

2019 College Captains

As young leaders, we asked our College Captains what difference their generation could make to the world.

Megan Rojales Rylan Koneri “The first thought when thinking of our generation is the rise of social media and its effect on society. We also believe that the sense of entitlement and impulsiveness creates a mindset for individuals to address issues personally affecting their identity. However, in contrast to these negative views, there is more that social media has to offer us. Social media can be utilised as a platform for raising awareness for current issues. Looking back, this opportunity was not possible until recently, so why not utilise it now? We believe that we can make the most of this opportunity by gathering people together for a specific cause in order to establish a sense of purpose. People in our generation who have invested interest in a particular cause can work together with like-minded individuals to create an online community, thus, establish greater connections. Although there are negatives, there are also many benefits regarding the use of social media and we believe that our generation can contribute greatly to society through its widespread use, as it will have a significant difference on the world.”

Megan Rojales and Rylan Koneri (Narre Warren South Campus College Captains)


Beatrice Chen Timothy Margetts

“With our generation growing up in a ubiquitous age, technology is integrated within our everyday lives. Information is easily attained and a window to the lives of other people has never been larger. Though many may pinpoint its downfalls and detrimental impacts, we often forget to acknowledge the lessons we have learnt. With this increased accessibility of information, we have been able to gaze into the lives of not only those around us, but across the world. Being actively aware of the ongoing issues and varying political environments has, without a doubt, shaped this society of teenagers to have the capacity to not only exercise empathy, but act out of empathy. We are no longer confined to our own worlds but forced to address and tackle the large issues at hand. With this awareness and knowledge, our generation is driven to make decisions to reach out to the minority groups, disadvantaged groups, to those who need our help. Social media campaigns, mass fundraising, and awareness projects all stemmed from a heart of acceptance and a mindset of empathy. We are not limited to a virtual realm, but one that extends beyond. One that cultivates a community of acceptance, because we can understand.”

Beatrice Chen and Timothy Margetts (Wantirna South Campus College Captains)