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Senior Secondary Scholarships

The College has an outstanding Senior Secondary Program that offers students a variety of pathway options including VCE, VET and VCE VM. Students are invited to pursue their studies with excellence and our facilities and Senior Secondary team provide both a supportive and challenging environment for our young people to develop faith and understanding in preparation for the world ahead. The College has had a history of enabling students to have outstanding success in their chosen field, whether that be in vocational studies or VCE studies and we look forward to providing that opportunity for your child.

Senior Secondary scholarships are available to new students who will be undertaking studies in Year 10, 11 or 12 next year.

Our Christian character scholarships are offered to applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to the Christian Faith and who are interested in a Christian education to further their faith development and service.

Applicants who demonstrate servant leadership through their service and support of others, and an ability to disciple, mentor or lead others in Christ may apply for our Christian leadership scholarships.

Selection Criteria


There is a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $300 payable at the time of offer. 

The successful applicants will receive a tuition fee rebate of up to 80% for the remainder of their Secondary schooling up to Year 12. 

The value of the scholarship will be determined based on an assessment of the applicant at interview and the family’s financial circumstances. Applicants will be required to complete and submit a financial assessment form. 

How to Apply

Please complete the Scholarship Application Form and attach:

Students are welcome to submit a portfolio of their achievements, including details of church involvement and service to the community.

Scholarship Conditions

Scholarship recipients are expected to demonstrate a strong and continued commitment to the College. Where the student withdraws from the College prior to the completion of Year 12, families will be required to pay the equivalent tuition fees that have been discounted for the period enrolled.

The scholarship is conditional on the continued adherence to the College’s policies and rules. The student is expected to contribute to the life of the College. The College reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if the student’s engagement, commitment or behaviour is less than the expected level of the scholarship.