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“We must contemplate the import of ignoring the printed word. If you cannot read, you can do only what you are told.” Joseph P. Bean


Students are developing their skills in speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing. They begin to understand how God has made us to communicate clearly with each other. Students use communication skills to interact with others, learn to hear sounds in words, and to use formal and informal language when appropriate. They listen and respond to a wide range of texts. They begin by developing correct letter formation and use these to convey their ideas through familiar words, phrases and images. They express their ideas through writing sentences and short texts. Students are learning to be balanced readers through decoding, fluency, phrasing and comprehension strategies. 


  • 22 periods per cycle 


  • Writing - variety of text types and genres 
  • Phonics ,spelling and handwriting 
  • Grammar and punctuation  
  • Reading - decoding, fluency, phrasing and comprehension 
  • Speaking and listening 


  • Levied items 


  • Anecdotal notes 
  • Oral Tests 
  • Writing samples 
  • Running Records 
  • Written tests

“They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read.” Nehemiah 8:8