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Year 8

YEAR 8 [WS Year 8]

All Secondary subject courses are written into a four year curriculum framework, so students can use and develop the skills of previous years, as they prepare for VCE studies, and their future.

The Year 8 curriculum is divided into 2 sections – Core subjects and Elective subjects, and is designed to allow students to begin to exercise choice and experience a wide selection of sub learning opportunities. Teachers recommend that students consider their elective choices in the light of:

  • Personal interests
  • Individual giftings and talents
  • Possible career choices

At this year level, Electives are designed to give foundational skills, and to encourage interest and participation. If a student chooses to continue studying an Elective in Year 9, these skills will be further developed.

Waverley Christian College has a rich extra-curricular program, with many opportunities for enrichment and engagement. We encourage all students to get involved in activities of interest to them. See ‘Co-curricular Activities’ for a list of available options.