MATHEMATICS Core Subject [WS Year 10]

“God uses mathematics in everything He makes. He makes things in multiples of sevens, elevens, and forties. Everything that God does, He does according to mathematics: the writing of His Bible, the making of Arcturus and establishing the circuit of the earth. He imparts some of that wonderful knowledge to us that we may know something about His grace and love for us is this respect.” Asa Sparks


Mathematics incorporates skills practice, standard applications, extended problem solving, project work and testing. Students are expected to have access to and become proficient in the use of a CAS calculator. Students are generally expected to complete the coursework designated for their year level; and are encouraged to utilise their talents faithfully. However, it is recognised that there are different levels of mathematical ability. Hence, students may undertake modified work requirements in some cases in order to consolidate fundamental mathematical skills whereas other students may work on an advanced program which develops a deeper understanding of set topics and extends students in more complex topics and applications. This will enable greater access to advanced mathematics options in senior year levels.


  • To develop each student to their fullest mathematical potential according to their unique God-given talent.
  • To appreciate the way in which mathematics reflects the order in God’s Creation.
  • To appreciate the historical development of Mathematical concepts.
  • To develop the students’ understanding of the concepts of number and space and their inter-relationship
  • To deepen the students’ awareness and understanding of mathematics as a functional tool in solving everyday problems.

Topics common to all students include

  • CAS Calculator Use
  • Indices and Surds
  • Linear functions
  • Measurement
  • Probability
  • Quadratic algebra
  • Trigonometry

In addition, students preparing for advanced levels of VCE Mathematics include the study of:

  • Quadratic functions
  • Non-Linear functions and relations
  • Geometry

Students preparing for other levels of VCE Mathematics include the study of:

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Statistics

Time Allocation

  • 8 periods per cycle, streamed according to ability


  • Booklist Items
  • CAS Calculator


  • Unit tests
  • Assignments and CAS projects
  • Problem solving tasks
  • Semester examinations

“He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name” Psalm 147:4