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“God uses mathematics in everything He makes. He makes things in multiples of sevens, elevens, and forties. Everything that God does, He does according to mathematics: the writing of His Bible, the making of Arcturus and establishing the circuit of the earth. He imparts some of that wonderful knowledge to us that we may know something about His grace and love for us in this respect.” Asa Sparks


Students understand Mathematics is a way of describing the consistent manner, which God holds creation together. Students engage in a range of activities to develop efficient mental and written strategies in all four operations. They learn the relevance of number and place value across a range of Mathematical concepts. They represent, compare and order fractions and decimals, and create number patterns. Students use scaled instruments with metric units to measure and compare length, mass, capacity and temperature. Using familiar metric units for area and volume, they compare shapes and objects and compare and describe angles, solve simple time problems and unit conversions. They interpret and use basic maps with simple scales, directions and legends. Students construct and interpret data displays from information provided. Students can predict and evaluate the probability of chance events and experiments. They also develop an understanding of how mathematics points to the faithfulness constancy and external nature of God and to an amazing interconnected and elegant creation. 


  • 10 periods per cycle 


  • Number and Algebra: Times tables, fractions and decimals, place value, number patterns, number sentences and word problems involving all four operations 
  • Measurement and Geometry: Area, mass, volume, units of measurement, time and elapsed time, shape, location and transformation 
  • Statistics and Probability: Chance, collecting data, data representation 


  • Booklist items 


  • Online assessments 
  • Unit assessments 
  • Mental maths assessments 
  • Practical tasks 

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7