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“God uses mathematics in everything He makes. He makes things in multiples of sevens, elevens, and forties. Everything that God does, He does according to mathematics: the writing of His Bible, the making of Arcturus and establishing the circuit of the earth. He imparts some of that wonderful knowledge to us that we may know something about His grace and love for us in this respect.” Asa Sparks


Students develop an awareness that the number concept began with God and that He cares about the logical order, precision and accuracy of numbers as evidenced in creation. They develop proficiency in mathematical understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Students develop strategies for estimating, counting on, doubling and identifying patterns. They locate numbers on a number line and explore ways to deconstruct and calculate a variety of number sentences. Students explore ways to solve number problems using efficient strategies. They learn to model fractions and calculate change in simple money transactions. Students measure mass using metric units, create models of 3D objects, and tell time to the nearest minute. They collect, represent and interpret data and create graphs. Students use simple grids and maps, identify angles, symmetry, slides and turns, and conduct chance experiments. 


  • 10 periods per cycle 


  • Number and Algebra: Place value, Ordinal numbers, Fractions, Mental computation strategies, Addition and Subtraction with regrouping, Basic number facts, Multiplication and Division 
  • Statistics and Probability: Graphs, Recording data, Chance 
  • Measurement and Geometry - Time, Length, Mass, Money, Area, Volume, Capacity, Perimeter, Shape, Symmetry 


  • Booklist Items 


  • Mental Maths Quizzes: Basic Number Facts 
  • Topic Tests 
  • Maths Projects 
  • Essential Assessment Topic Tests 

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Luke 12:7