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“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” Theodore Roosevelt


Students grow in their knowledge and understanding of who God is and how He reveals Himself in the Bible. They develop an understanding of God’s nature and character through reading stories from both the Old and New Testament, beginning to understand that the Bible is God’s truth and His plan of redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   They are encouraged to see the whole Bible as God’s plan of salvation. Students will learn about God’s plan and purpose for their life and begin to apply the knowledge of His Word through their interactions with others. They learn how to be a follower of Jesus through prayer, reading the Bible and actively loving others. Students will also begin to develop and foster Christian values and attitudes on stewardship, social justice and on understanding the different cultures and the world we live in. 


  • 1 period per cycle 


  • God is our Creator who loves us and saves us 
  • God’s promises to Abraham point to Jesus 
  • God is King 
  • Jesus is the King of God’s kingdom 


  • Bible 


  • Class Participation and Discussion 

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” Romans 10:17