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“We must contemplate the import of ignoring the printed word. If you cannot read, you can do only what you are told.” Joseph P. Bean


Students explore God’s intent to use language to learn about Him and communicate their understanding of Him with others. Students listen, read and respond to a variety of texts, working towards becoming balanced readers. Using correct punctuation, grammar and language choices, they create different text types. Students build on their recognition and writing of phonograms. They continue to develop their knowledge of spelling rules, their ability to accurately spell words with regular spelling patterns and decode unknown words. Students listen to others and contribute when taking part in conversations. They use a range of digital resources and deliver oral presentations. The aim is for students to understand how content can be organised using different text structures and how to apply different text processing strategies and skills to understand text and to develop their understanding of how literal and implied meaning connects ideas across the text.

Topics Include

  • Writing - variety of text types and genres
  • Phonics and spelling
  • Grammar - and punctuation
  • Handwriting
  • Speaking and listening

Subject Length

  • 24 periods per cycle


  • Booklist items


  • Writing samples
  • Spelling assessments
  • Grammar assessments
  • Reading fluency and comprehension assessments
  • Oral reading and group discussions
  • Oral presentations

“They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read.” Nehemiah 8:8