The Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes provide pathways to rewarding careers, allowing students a combination of general and vocational training and an experience of business and industry.


All VET delivery and assessment is a part of the National Training Framework (NTF).  Programmes are delivered by partnership with another Registered Training Organisation (RTO), usually another Secondary School or a TAFE College, who issue a certificate upon completion of the course. VET modules contribute towards VCE Units and have full VCE status as well as providing an industry endorsed, nationally recognised credential. 

Students may wish to gain this credential to enhance their prospects for gaining full-time employment immediately after leaving school (or they may wish to upgrade this study to a higher-level qualification first, if possible) or they may use it to secure part-time skilled employment whilst completing post-secondary study.  Students would, ordinarily, begin a VET course when in Year 11 and then continue to study this (often at a Certificate III) level in Year 12.

Whilst there are enormous benefits associated with undertaking VET courses within a student's VCE programme, families should be aware that:

  • External studies will bear extra tuition costs that Waverley Christian College is unable to subsidise
  • Students may miss some VCE classes on the day that VET courses are run at other institutions and will be expected to complete work missed and comply with all deadlines for VCE work.  Students can, however, apply for an extension of time for school-based work where appropriate
  • Students have to make their own way to and from the institution where they are studying and to and from any work placement venues that may be associated with the running of the appropriate VET course

Students will not necessarily have the completion of their work as closely supervised and monitored as they would within the College and cannot expect the Christian values and ethos of the College to be upheld in any of the institutions offering the various VET courses.

Overseas students can undertake individual VET units as long as the VET unit forms part of the student’s school course. The overseas student will not receive a qualification in the VET course even where the combination of VET units undertaken could lead to the award of a VET Certificate. Overseas students can only obtain a ‘Statement of Completion’ or ‘Statement of Attainment’ listing the VET units that have been completed. The overseas student can subsequently apply for ‘Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the completed VET units after completing their school course, if they subsequently enrol in a CRICOS registered VET qualification course. Decisions regarding RPL are at the discretion of the Tertiary Provider.


We plan to run the Certificate III in Christian Ministry at the College. This will run in a block on Wednesday afternoons.  Some of the other VET programs available include the certificates listed on the table shown on the next page.  We cannot guarantee that these programs will be run at venues within a close proximity to the College or to students' homes but will investigate enrolment on behalf of any student who may be interested.  No student can enrol in a VET course without the approval of the College. Other VET courses may be available.  Please speak to the Careers Coordinator about an area you are interested in.