The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is made up of a series of ‘studies’ (rather than subjects) each of which is divided into semester-long ‘units’.  Generally, Year 11 students will complete Units 1 and/or 2 of their chosen studies whereas Year 12 students will complete Units 3 and 4 (which must be studied as a sequence). It is, however, possible for Year 10 and 12 students to undertake Unit 1 and/or 2 of VCE studies and for some Year 11 students to undertake Unit 3 & 4 sequences.  Each study is conducted according to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) accredited ‘Study Design’, relevant details of which are passed on to students by their teachers.  Each student’s own VCE programme will be individually developed to best suit their career pathways and personal interests in such a way as to maximise their performance in each study.  However, it must be understood that although essential pathway studies will be provided for VCE students, the availability of some studies may be subject to timetable constraints and enrolment numbers.

Year 11 students will be expected to take 12 units of study, (the equivalent of 6 subjects), of which either English/EAL or Literature Units 1 & 2 are compulsory.  Year 12 students will generally take 10 units of study, (the equivalent of 5 subjects), of which either English/EAL or Literature Units 3 & 4 are compulsory.  Within these programmes of study, it is a VCAA requirement that satisfactorily completed units must include:

  • At least 16 units including at least 3 units of from the English group, including a Unit 3&4 sequence
  • At least three sequences of Units 3 and 4 studies other than English


The workload of all VCE units is prescribed by VCAA but organised and administered by class teachers.  Each VCE Unit includes two to four Outcomes.  These are achieved on the basis of the teacher’s assessment of the student’s performance on the unit’s assessment tasks.  Therefore, satisfactory completion of any unit is determined by teachers at Waverley Christian College based on guidelines provided by the VCAA.

It is the intention of the College that every student be given every opportunity to satisfactorily complete all work by the due date.  Class teachers will work with students to ensure that due dates are mapped out fairly and that completion of work is occurring according to schedule.  No student should be surprised by any due date.


Each student undertaking VCE studies will be issued with a VCE Statement of Results from VCAA at the end of the year in addition to semester reports from Waverley Christian College.

The VCAA Statement of Results indicates:

  • That a student has satisfactorily completed a particular unit in which case an “S” shall be reported, or,
  • That a student has not satisfactorily completed a particular unit in which case an “N” shall be reported

All Unit 1 & 2 studies offered at Waverley Christian College involve assessment tasks which are based upon the Outcomes prescribed for those units. These assessment tasks are set, monitored and graded by the teachers of each unit and will, only be reported on the Waverley Christian College semester report.

This report will indicate:

  • The study and unit undertaken
  • An overall unit result (an “S” or an “N” indicating that a student has either satisfactorily completed or has not satisfactorily completed the unit.  N.B. an “N’ will indicate that the work was not satisfactorily completed)
  • A letter grade from A+ to UG for each assessment task, for school assessment purposes only (since these assessement tasks are not reported to VCAA for credit towards VCE)


  • NA NOT ASSESSED: This symbol indicates that the student has not handed in any work to be assessed

This marking system is used because it resembles the Unit 3 & 4 assessment which is credited towards the VCE using the same letter grades but differing percentage ranges which must then be used to determine an overall study score for each Unit 3 & 4 sequence studied.

Unit 3 & 4 studies are based upon school assessed coursework (SACs) and either one or two examinations.  This structure is designed to allow a significant amount of work to be completed during class time.  All scores given by the College are moderated statistically by VCAA using the results of the externally set and marked examination.  Students’ overall achievement is reported as a study score between 0 and 50 provided that both units are satisfactorily completed.

From a student’s VCE results, the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) will calculate an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for all students who apply as the basis of entry into Victorian universities and some TAFE colleges. 

The ATAR places each VCE student on a percentile rank and is calculated using the study scores of the student’s best four studies (primary four), one of which must be from the English group. If completed, the student’s 5th and 6th subjects will attribute 10% toward the ATAR calculation. (N.B. certain subject combinations may be excluded for ATAR calculations). 

A rank of 75.50 would mean that the student achieved an overall result equal to or better than 75.5% of all students in their cohort for that year. 

Some VET Units 3 & 4 have their own study score and contribute towards the ATAR calculation.  Other VET subjects contribute as a 5th or 6th subject, giving an increment worth 10% of the average of the student’s primary four subjects.

(NB. “N” or “J” results in Unit 3 or 4 results in a zero study score for that study).