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Creative and Performing Arts Program

Through Creative and Performing Art activities, students gain valuable intellectual, imaginative and expressive qualities. They learn about the cultural, social and historical background of Performing Arts and develop understanding and enjoyment of music. Self-esteem and confidence are greatly enhanced whilst the students are having so much fun. The Performing Arts Program at the College covers the disciplines of Dance, Drama and Music.

A wide variety of activities are focused around plays, dress-ups, singing, percussion, instruments, puppetry, folk dancing, creative dance, movement and simple music notation and concepts.

Music, drama and dance are carefully integrated into one subject at the College. Each year level is fortunate enough to participate in Performing Arts lessons each week. While we of course learn about the various Arts elements and theories, the two key goals for this subject are to improve social skills and critical thinking. This is largely achieved through experiential learning in the form of creative group tasks

Every second year, WCC Primary students participate in a whole-school production and in alternate years, a whole-school Christmas concert. These situations allow students to experience the hard work and dedication required to be part of a large scale performance, with most of the choreography being designed by students themselves! Throughout the year, there are many other opportunities for our talented performers to showcase their hard work. These include Open morning, instrumental concerts, school assembly, lunchtime concerts, and other events.