Learning Enrichment and Program Support (LEAPS)

LEAPS provides Learning Enrichment and Program Support for students. The LEAPS team is committed to assisting and enriching the learning experiences of students to maximise their potential and educational outcomes. The team consists of the LEAPS Coordinator/teacher, Enrichment Teacher and Learning Support Assistants. The department collaborates with parents, teachers and other specialists to form a multi-disciplinary approach to supporting students and their learning needs. Program Support Group meetings for identified students are held and Individual Learning Plans implemented.

LEAPS administers assessments, recommends strategies and resources, liaises with staff and others, and provides intervention or enrichment. Students receive support within their classroom or work in small groups or individually in the LEAPS/Enrichment areas. LEAPS assists in a range of subject areas as well as in the development of social, organisational, study and homework skills.



In Class Support

  • Provided by Learning Support Assistants in a range of subject areas.


  • Foundational skills in reading, spelling and written expression are taught by LEAPS teachers in small group classes from PREP to Year 6.
  • In-class assistance is provided for Literacy classes from PREP to Year 6.
  • Literacy intervention programs are provided for targeted students.


  • Years 1-6 receive small group support from the Learning Support Teacher.
  • The Learning Support Teacher and/or Assistant provides individual support to assist students achieve their Learning Plan goals.

Social Skills Classes

  • Small groups of students are invited to participate. Each session is targeted to focus on student needs and utilises skill building activities, social skill games and role plays.
  • Individualised social skills sessions.

Fitzroy Program

  • This is a fun and interactive program, which focuses on building students (Prep to Year 4) reading and writing skills through participation in a variety of engaging hands-on activities.

Homework Club

  • Students requiring additional support and assistance in completing their homework are invited to attend Homework Club. Individual help is provided in a small group setting guided by a Learning Support Teacher and Assistant.



The Primary Enrichment program at Waverley Christian College’s Narre Warren South campus seeks to meet the learning needs of gifted and talented students through a vibrant withdrawal program and a range of extracurricular competitions and opportunities.  The Enrichment withdrawal program consists of weekly lessons for selected students in Years 1 to 6. Each semester, students embark on a challenging inquiry-based project that provides them with the opportunity to explore ‘big ideas’, engage in research and link to real-world context.

 Identifying Students

Students are identified for Enrichment through teacher recommendation, assessment data and testing with the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT-II). Students will be considered for inclusion if they are performing above standard in one or more subject areas and needing extension in addition to the differentiation in the classroom.

Enrichment Withdrawal Program

Primary Enrichment projects are interdisciplinary and differ each semester. They are uniquely written for each year level and designed to foster students’ higher-order thinking. Enrichment classes aim to develop a range of skills, including research methods, creative thinking and critical analysis.

In-Class Differentiation

It is important to note that withdrawal classes are not the only way students can be extended at Waverley Christian College.  Teachers are well aware of students' learning needs and will differentiate for them accordingly in class. Students can also be provided with extension activities to complete in class if required.  The Primary Enrichment teacher works closely with classroom teachers to ensure students are appropriately challenged.

Extracurricular Opportunities

A wide range of extracurricular competitions and inquiry experiences are provided for students to participate in.  Students are selected for competitions following careful consideration and discussions with classroom teachers.  Several extracurricular opportunities are open to all students, including Chess Club, Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Awards and ICAS competitions.


  • Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards
  • CSEN Primary Public Speaking Competition
  • CSEN Primary Debating Competition
  • ICAS English
  • Prime Minister's Spelling Bee


  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • MAV Maths Games Day (Year 6)
  • ICAS Mathematics
  • Australian Mathematics Olympiad


  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • CSEN Primary Masterminds Cognitive Competition
  • SOAR Holiday Program


  • CSEN Primary Chess Tournament
  • Chess Ideas Open Tournament
  • Chess Victoria State Semi-Finals