Our 2018 College Captains

Waverley Christian College seeks to help children feel welcome from the very start of their school life. Your child is unique and we provide each student with a caring and dynamic learning environment.

Our 2018 College Captains


Nicole Masango Clarke Robles2018 has been a year of tremendous excellence across all facets of Waverley Christian College Narre Warren South. As with every year that passes, the school has continued to grow, with our second group of Year 12's completing their studies here at the College. This growth has led to the initiation of new leadership roles, allowing more senior secondary students the opportunity to lead the College in Sports and the Arts. With more students to join the College in the upcoming years, there are plans to construct a new Primary building to be completed before the commencement of next year! This, in turn, will hopefully provide students with greater access to more enriched learning opportunities and experiences.

As College Captains, it is our role to lead the Student Representative Council (SRC) to help plan and coordinate numerous school events. Underpinning the vision of the SRC are the three overarching themes of community, leadership and service. Our main focus as an SRC for 2018 has been to improve our school community and further cultivate an environment that promotes inclusion and unity. The inauguration of the SRC Breakfast has been one initiative that epitomises our focus on community, with free weekly breakfasts provided to each year level in six consecutive weeks throughout Term 2. This gave students and teachers the opportunity to relax in the lead up to exams and strengthen their bonds by sharing a meal with one another, while also engaging them in a variety of fun, yet highly competitive, games.

One of our considerable projects this year was improving the overall cleanliness of the College, with a large emphasis placed on reducing rubbish. For many years, students have expressed their dissatisfaction at the level of rubbish that had accumulated around the school. So, we took it upon ourselves to address this issue with the students through several slideshows that highlighted the degree of rubbish that had gathered in all areas of the College. Whilst we did exaggerate the extent of the issue at times, it was fantastic to see students taking ownership of their own locker bays and embracing the challenge of minimising rubbish all throughout the school!

In term three, we were blessed with the opportunity to address the Primary students at their Chapel. We encouraged the students by reiterating the importance of resilience and trusting in God's plan. Specifically, we shared about our personal experiences at the College, our future aspirations, our individual leadership journeys and our most cherished bible verses.  It was a privilege to speak to such an enthusiastic and interactive audience. We hope that they all took something valuable from our message as they continue their school journey!

It has been an absolute honour to lead this wonderful school for the past year, and we are excited to see Waverley's next group of leaders to continue to serve the College in the years to come.

Nicole Masango and Clarke Robles (2018 NWS College Captains)



Tessa AmatyaTom NeilThis year has gone incredibly fast and it upsets me to think that in a couple of months we will be leaving a place that has shaped us, our faith and our academic capabilities. However, whilst it is sad that this year is coming to an end, there are many moments in 2018 that Tom and I are immensely proud of.

This year the Student Representative Council has chosen to go above and beyond and celebrate Pay It Forward Week, International Women's Day, World Prayer Day, Christmas In July and R U Okay Day. On each one of these days, the SRC has created activities for the student body to be more aware and caring of each other and the world around them. On top of this, the SRC has put a lot of effort to help fundraise for the India Pre-School which our school sponsors. The SRC has set a goal to raise $18,000 for adequate teacher training, school maintenance and to ensure that the underprivileged children have access to education.

 In my last College Captain update, I touched on my passion for Human Rights. I explained that one of my goals for the year was to inspire the student body to embody Christ in action and be Jesus' hands and feet. I was able to do just this as Tom and I both had the chance to share our testimonies to the school community. At the start of the year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a women's shelter for victims of human trafficking in Nepal. Here, God used me to help the most venerable people in society and ensure that their human rights were upheld. I was able to spread awareness about this issue and explain to the student body that if they desire a change to situation like this, they must act and be the change that they wish to see in the world.

Waverley Christian Collage is not just another school and it is not just a place for learning. It is a place that has encouraged me to grow and challenge my faith whilst helping me become the best I can be. I want to sincerely thank my teachers, my fellow peers and the school community for letting me have the opportunity to lead and understand that through faith anything is possible.

 Tessa Amatya and Tom Neil (2018 WS College Captains)