Our 2018 College Captains

Waverley Christian College seeks to help children feel welcome from the very start of their school life. Your child is unique and we provide each student with a caring and dynamic learning environment.

Our 2018 College Captains


Nicole Masango

Imagine a community that offers the opportunity for individuals to grow in all facets of life, whether it is in academics, creative arts, sport or leadership. A community in which staff, students and families bond over shared faith and journey through life’s peaks and valleys together. A community that encourages excellence and gives one the tools to unlock their potential.

Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren South is the community that I feel privileged to be a part of and privileged to lead.

My name is Nicole Masango and I am grateful to have the honour of representing this vibrant community as one of the College Captains for 2018. I started at the College in 2013 and I hope to go on to study Physiotherapy after graduation. I am blessed, not only to have the opportunity to lead, but to serve the school community whole-heartedly alongside other school leaders.

It has been a great pleasure of mine to watch the school develop into what it is today, an emblem of faith and a beacon of hope within our community. Whilst building upon our school’s culture of inclusivity, compassion and excellence, as a school leader, I hold the vision of leaving behind a legacy of continued fellowship between all College members.

I believe that true leadership extends beyond a title and a badge. I believe that the essence of leadership stems from relationships. As someone that is devoted to mentoring others and providing support, I hope to use my position to further connect with and positively influence my peers.

I am looking forward to this eventful year and I would like to encourage all to draw strength from and be led by Christ in 2018 and beyond.

Nicole Masango (2018 NWS College Captain)


Clarke Robles

Hello and welcome back to school everyone! My name is Clarke Robles and I have been blessed with the great honour of being one of the College Captain at Waverley Christian College (NWS) for 2018!

Students attending this school are placed into one of four houses, all named after famous Christian evangelists: Charles Spurgeon (Blue), John Wycliffe (Red), Charles Finney (Gold) and William Tyndale (Green). These four historical figures have all had a significant influence on shaping Christianity as it is today and I believe that it is our responsibility as Christians to ensure that their legacy lives on forever.

As College Captain, I strive to be an excellent role model that younger students look up to and I strongly believe that my position has a great deal of influence on my peers. As such, I wish to set a good example in everything I do, whether it be my bubbly personality or my whole-hearted dedication to my studies. Most importantly, however, I aspire to be a leader of people; one who is always willing to share a laugh during the good times and one who is always there for my peers during the tough times. This is all part of my vision to develop an even greater sense of community within this wonderful school.

The school year is already in full swing and we have plenty of exciting events coming! Of course, we have our traditional House events such as swimming, cross-country and athletics, as well as a plethora of SRC-led events such as 'See you at the pole' being held throughout the year. This year, we will have our first ever edition of House Performing Arts; a House event that showcases the fantastic singing, dancing and acting gifts of our students at Waverley in a short 9 minute mini-production. I am part of our second batch of Year 12's completing their studies and I think it's safe to say that whilst we are already somewhat stressed, we are all extremely excited to enter the next chapter of our lives!

I've been attending the Waverley Christian College NWS Campus since Year 7 and hope to go on to study law next year. I've witnessed just how much the school has grown over the years and was extremely humbled to have been offered the role as College Captain for a school that has given me so much!

I'm looking forward to representing this wonderful school as Captain and I wish everyone the very best for the year ahead!

Clarke Robles (2018 NWS College Captain)



Tessa Amatya

Waverley Christian College is not just another school. It is a place not just for learning, but a place that has encouraged me to grow and challenge my faith. Waverly has helped me pursue a career that helps me express God's love and put my faith into action.

When I joined Waverley Christian College in 2011, I had little idea about my future. I can confidently say, now, that I will be pursing Human Rights Law and International Relations. I hope to work, one day, with the United Nations and to be a voice to those who have none. Coming from a developing country, Nepal, God has placed a passion in my heart to want to devote my life to improve the lives of people in the poorest places on earth. I wish to express my goals to the school community this year, in the hope that I can play a part in motivating them to embody Christ in action and be Jesus' hands and feet.

As College Captains, Tom and I have started the year by emphasising the significance of Human Rights to the school body. We have encouraged the secondary students to get behind fundraising for the Indian pre-schools that our school sponsors. We also have shone a light on Women's Rights and the importance of Women in Leadership by getting involved in International Women's Day. Tom and I hope that 2018 will be a year where students accept God as their almighty Father, who SEES and LEADS us through all that we do. Through acceptance of God's love, Waverley Christian College can EXCEL in 2018.

Tessa Amatya (2018 WS College Captain)


Tom Neil

Waverley has now been my school for almost 12 years. It has been a place where I have felt so comfortable to grow and mature into a more confident and sure individual.

In saying that, I really haven’t a clue as to what life after school will look like for me. Experiencing so many things in school that I enjoy, the task of narrowing down what I love into a specific path or career is something which I have found to be difficult. Over the years, my passion has manifested into wanting to be a surgeon, a professional singer, a playwright, a minister or worship leader, a cricket player, a Broadway stage actor or Hollywood film actor, a novelist, and as of late, a journalist. I know, it’s quite an extensive list I’ve got going, but one thing which has been at the centre of each of these passion filled period’s is a yearning to make and see change in the world.  

At the beginning of the year Tessa and I wished to see many additions and changes to the life of the college, however, primarily amongst those for me was the creation of a tight knit community in which, each student might feel comfortable to grow and learn. The beginning of this year has seen our school community thrive. Events such as Valentine’s Day with live music in the secondary courtyard, OHPE week, which encouraged all secondary year levels to participate in organised sports events throughout the week, and the recent International Women’s day, have each contributed to the inclusive and lively environment of our school 

Having observed and participated in the life of the school since year one, the element which I have come to appreciate most is that of the Christian faith which we share. I have found it at many times, extremely humbling to see the manifestation of this in the students at Waverley. This topic of growing an individual faith, love and knowledge of our God is something which I wish to pursue throughout the rest of the coming year, in order that each and every student may come to know God for themselves. 

Tom Neil (2018 WS College Captain)